Roseville Lutheran Church offers a workshop for families to prepare for the baptism of a child. It is recommended that families attend this class before the baptism.


Baptism Workshop

If you are preparing for a baptism of your child, godchild, or your own baptism – please join us for a workshop about baptism. It is an expectation that parents attend a baptism workshop prior to their child’s baptism. During this workshop you will: • Meet other parents with kids in the same age/stage of […] Read more »

Baptism Registration Form

Please complete the following information to schedule a baptism. Note: Please print names of parents and sponsors at it is to be printed in the worship folder, i.e. Matthew instead of Matt. Please contact the church office at 651-487-7752 or at with any questions or concerns. Read more »

Baptism FAQs

What is baptism? Baptism is a gift from God.  Through water and Word, God names, claims and sends us.  God gives us the name “Child of God.”  God claims us as His own and draws us in to the whole community of faith called the church.  God then sends the baptized out into the world […] Read more »