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Stories of RLC: Love is...Friendship

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Thirty two years ago, RLC offered an opportunity to the women of the church, an adventure trip to the B.W.C.A.  I was put into a group with nine other women.  We entered the Boundary Waters as strangers and exited as the best of friends.  As we paddled God’s most majestic of waters, we sang, slept, fellowshipped and shared with each other, ourselves.  In common we found our love for God and our faith in Jesus was our greatest strength.  Years later these women are still my closest and dearest of friends.  We like to say - God worked his magic and formed a sisterhood of friends like no other!

This past spring, in the course of just one week our family experienced more events than some do in a lifetime.  Our grandson Cashton was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery.  His father, Thomas went to the hospital the very next day with complications due to his kidney transplant 2 years earlier.  Our son (David) and grandson (Bennie) were in a horrific car accident in Marshall, Minnesota.  Bennie was airlifted to Children’s Minneapolis and put on life support.  David remained in the hospital in Marshall.  Our son, Matthew was diagnosed with cancer that same week and was having surgery that very day.  Later that week, my husband, Donald of forty four years died from congestive heart and kidney failure.  Our family was painfully broken.  

Then ‘they’ came.  My canoe paddling sisters of light and hope and love. They came.  They came to the hospitals, my home, my work, my church.  They came and let me fall on them.  They caught each and every tear and let me know that they would be there for the next.  God was there, through them, and slowly I started to heal.  At Don’s funeral service, they were there again. Together as one they sang How Great Thou Art and they held me and gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

My closest and dearest of friends through Roseville Lutheran and through Christ Jesus continue to be one of my greatest blessings and for that my heart is full.

Sue Menier