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I Am RLC: Darci Bontrager

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"I Am RLC" is an on-going story series that, over time, will give glimpses of who we are as individuals within the community of Roseville Lutheran Church. Periodically we'll learn from members, friends, and staff about what is important to them, what draws them here, and why they are engaged with and support the RLC community.

I am RLC: Darci Bontrager

Empowered donor of time and talent


Tell us about how you came to Roseville Lutheran Church (RLC)?

We’ve been members for 15 years, initially drawn here by the strong youth programs. Currently, I serve on Church Council, Finance Committee, and I am a parent volunteer of an active youth group member.

How do you live out the RLC mission: Love God, Love Your Neighbor?

I live our mission by living generously and giving my gifts, both my time and money, to RLC.

What advice would you give to someone just joining RLC?

Ask how you can get involved! For many years we just came to church and my daughter went to Sunday school and then confirmation. When I was asked to help with the youth program, my RLC experience went from listening to a weekly message to becoming part of a wonderful community and helping to live out RLC's mission. I wish I would've
volunteered years earlier.

What is one ministry that is really memorable to you?

The most memorable ministry is Vision Slovakia. My daughter was able to go to Slovakia the summer of 2016 to volunteer at the school and be immersed in their culture. This past summer we continued the partnership and hosted a student from Slovakia for six weeks. The partnership we have with the church and school in Martin, Slovakia is a
powerful bond.

Why do you give your donations to RLC?

As a single mom, I used to pay my bills first and then would see what was left over to give to RLC. Since watching my daughter bloom into an incredible young lady through the great youth activities and getting more involved myself, I have seen the need and importance to keep the RLC programs growing and thriving. I believe we are in a pivotal time at RLC and we need to grow stronger to support our members and community. The easiest thing I ever did was sign up for the monthly giving so that each month my donation was automatically taken out of my account, whether I made it to church or not. At first, I was only able to give $25 a month but it was consistent and made me realize the importance of giving. I have been able to increase the gift many times since I started….the funny thing is that I don’t make much more than I did when I first starting giving but some of my priorities have changed and it has been empowering.    

What is the most meaningful gift that you've ever given or received and why?

The most meaningful gift I have been able to give is my time!  Whether it has been helping Michael Jordan input names of campers and all of their information into excel spreadsheets or flying to Guatemala for a week to build a house for a family, giving a little bit of my time has made big impacts for different causes.  There are so many needs around us and volunteering comes in all forms, just ask what you can do to help!

What is your favorite place to volunteer? Why?

Thrivent Builds Worldwide. I have been on two trip to Latin America to build houses. Building a home for a family is an incredible gift but getting to know the people and giving and getting lots of hugs is life changing!

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

My greatest accomplishment was getting my MBA while working full time and becoming a single mom.

What is something that you thought you once knew, but turns out you were wrong about?

No matter how organized, how much planning you do and how much praying you do you can't control everything

What super power would you have if you were a superhero?

I’d nod my head and be transported to my next destination.

What was your favorite toy growing up?

My favorite toy was my Darci doll, hands down. Others had a Barbie… I had Darci.

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