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Annual Appeal

Click here to view our Annual Appeal Brochure. 

Roseville Lutheran Annual Appeal
October 3 - 17, 2021

What is an annual appeal?

As with many non-profits, churches set aside time in their year dedicated to raising funds for the yearly mission and ministry of the church. For some, this is a time when they commit to their gift for the coming year. For others, this may be a time to become a sustaining giver or increase a sustaining gift. Sustaining gifts help us plan our budget and spend our dollars wisely to do the most ministry possible. Near the bottom of this page you will find a "Statement of Intent" form that you may choose to fill out to help us plan for the coming year. Or, if you aren't ready to make a commitment today, you may choose to click here to make a one-time gift.

“When I think about giving to the church,
(I know) our time and resources
go directly to help others.”

– RLC Member

All gifts given support and sustain our day-to-day ministries which include: staffing; building maintenance and utilities; technology and supplies; communications; and educational and community ministries. These gifts also support new initiatives for ministry including: enhanced Adult Education opportunities, a dedicated worship leader for our 10:30 a.m. worship, renewed focus on small groups, and a commitment to minister to and among our young adults with our VIBE ministry. 

“We were grateful to be in a position
to increase our gifts to RLC for
those in need in our community.”

– RLC Member

Simply put, gifts given to Roseville Lutheran Church ARE the gifts that sustain and support our mission and calling to “Love God • Love your neighbor” and to be “a community united by grace.”

How can I participate?

We know and understand that giving to the church is a private decision, and sharing your gifts from God is personal.

We ask that you prayerfully consider:

  • Taking time to explore your ability to give
  • Sharing in the action of becoming a sustaining member (either online or by envelope)
  • Giving thanks knowing that your gifts connect you with a rich history of mission and ministry that is Roseville Lutheran Church  
“I can feel that when I give it feeds my soul.”

– RLC Member

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Bedner-Faris or Laurel Hofeldt for more information:

Rebecca Bedner
Development Director
651-487-7752 ext. 226

Laurel Hofeldt
Director of Finance and Data
651.487.7752 x203