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Become a Sustainer

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Did you know that over 95% of the day-to-day ministry of RLC is funded by free-will offerings and gifts? By giving regularly to RLC, you become a Sustainer, providing essential support to the mission at RLC.


Let us know your Intent to Give to help leadership plan RLC’s ministry and to request offering envelopes for your gifts.


Churches with widespread adoption of online gifts have sustainable giving that provides stability to their ministry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Sustainer?

Sustainers are invested in the ministry that RLC provides to our community. You regularly give your time, talent, and treasure towards fulfilling RLC’s mission. Your financial giving is intentional and consistent, whether it is a weekly, monthly or yearly gift. You look for opportunities to serve, volunteer, or lead ministry.

Does my "small" financial gift really make a difference?

Yes!!! People underestimate the impact of their gifts when given regularly. If every member could commit to regular giving, in the amount that feels right to them - $2, $20, $200, we would easily cover our ministry needs.

Why does RLC leadership encourage online giving?

The desire to give is sometimes challenged by logistics: busy schedules collide with weekly worship, credit cards can’t be placed in the offering basket, and more organizations and charities ask for our help. Because envelopes and offering in worship account for 65% of our financial support: a snowstorm in December or a beautiful Sunday in July can be the difference between being on track financially or running a deficit.

    • Online giving fulfills your desire to give regularly, regardless of attendance or whether you remember your checkbook/cash. For many, it also encourages an attitude of “first fruits” giving from your abundance.
    • Online giving allows RLC leadership to more accurately predict future giving levels. With stable giving levels, we can focus on ministry work not fundraising.
    • Online giving transactions require the least work for RLC accounting staff to process, resulting in efficient use of RLC staff dollars.

Giving online makes it easier for you to share your blessings with RLC, and helps RLC more efficiently steward the resources entrusted to it.

Are there other ways to be a Sustainer?

Another way to simplify sustained giving is using the automatic bill pay service offered by most banks. You can set up recurring monthly withdrawals from your account that are automatically sent to RLC as a paper check. If this works better for you, wonderful!

Weekly envelopes, annual stock gifts, planned estate gifts: there are many ways to sustain the ministry at RLC.

For me, putting my offering in the plate each week is a physical, tangible act of worship that I would miss with online giving.

Look for “Online Sustainer Cards” that you can pick up when you enter the sanctuary or in the pew racks and place in the offering plate in lieu of an envelope.

I give through "Simply Giving." Do I need to do anything?

RLC has adopted a new system that is integrated with the RLC web site, so it is much easier and more convenient for people to enroll, change their giving amount at any time, see their giving history, and print tax receipts.

If you enrolled in Simply Giving, you are already considered a Sustainer. Contact Laurel Hofeldt by email, or call 651-487-7752 to transition to the new system.


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