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Where Do We Give?

To fulfill our mission to "Love God. Love Your Neighbor." we have developed a range of worship, education, service and social ministries.  Learn more about how your gifts create a vibrant community of faith in Roseville.

Worship and Music

Hundreds of people come to weekly worship to be inspired and sent out to live our faith.  The music ministry provides a place for volunteers to share their talents as we praise God. You provide a vibrant worship experience that connects our faith to our whole lives, as we fulfill our mission to love God.


Children’s programming share the teachings of Jesus with our young ones in fun and meaningful ways.  You help families find ways to serve and grow in faith together.

Middle school and senior high programs guide youth as they wrestle with tough questions and develop them into God-led leaders.  You help create strong foundations of faith to support young people throughout their lives.

Adult Education programming provides Bible Study, Christian teaching, and forums to learn about community and global issues.  You enrich the spiritual lives of our congregation. 

Mission and Outreach

RLC engages with local organizations to serve people coping with hunger and homelessness. We supports several local refugee and immigrant organizations that help people navigate the transition to life in American.  Locally, we seek how to support our wider community, responding to the needs in Roseville and the metro. Internationally, we pray with and learn from partner congregations in Tanzania and Slovakia as we support their mission work.  We also fund global education food and health initiatives. You enable RLC to fulfill our mission to love our neighbor.


The Care Team assists people needing support with errands, appointments, and chores.  Along with the Pastoral team, these volunteers visit people and serve communion. We have a grief support group and are known in the community for our care and compassion for those suffering from loss. You make this ministry of love and outreach possible.

PrimeTime, Sunday brunches, Lenten Soup Suppers: the hospitality group provides community meals that let us gather and share stories. LIFE Ministry plan events for people to connect with other members of our community, share experiences and build relationships. You create a vibrant community of faith.

Building and Grounds

Not only do we have a sanctuary that uplifts us during worship, but our building provides the physical spaces for our education, enrichment, social and service programs.  Outside of our church programs, many other community groups depend on our space for their programs and retreats.  Smaller congregations use our space for worship as well.  You make it possible for the larger community to experience God’s work when they enter our building and grounds.

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