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Become a Sustainer

Sustainers provide essential support
to the mission of Roseville Lutheran Church.

For 75 years, members and friends of RLC have joyfully passed on faith. You have given your time, talent, and treasure to the ministry here. You have entrusted RLC to plant the seeds of faith within our children and community. Thank you for your dedicated commitment!

We all juggle challenges: busy schedules collide with weekly worship, credit cards that can’t be placed in the offering basket, and more organizations and charities who ask our help. These changes have impacted giving at many churches, including RLC. We need your help to sustain meaningful ministry.

Weekly envelopes and offering in worship account for 65% of our financial support: a snowstorm in December or a beautiful Sunday in July can be the difference between being on track financially or running a deficit. Churches with widespread adoption of online gifts have sustainable giving that provides stability to their ministry.

Setting up a scheduled gift in any amount enables us to accurately predict giving and plan the budget accordingly. Please become a sustainer and help us focus on ministry!

Click here to set up a scheduled gift
and Become a Sustainer today.

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems like this happens every year. When are we going to have a budget that we can realistically meet with our giving?

Our budget has remained essentially flat the last few years. But our giving is down due to loss of sustaining members, partially due to the age of our congregation and as part of any pastoral transition. It takes time to regrow, but it is actively happening.

Church council and staff have tightened the budget without negatively impacting our ministry and programs. Further contractions may impact our ministry and programs. Positive feedback from our members, youth, and mission partners indicate that RLC is doing meaningful, relevant ministry: we want to continue our current high quality ministry.

Does my gift really make a difference?

Yes!!! People underestimate the impact of their gifts. What amount are you comfortable giving on an average Sunday?  $2, $10, $20, more? If every member took their weekly gift, calculated a monthly gift and scheduled the gift online: we would erase our deficit and stop year end appeals. We don’t need more giving, just consistent, sustained giving.

How is becoming an on-line “Sustaining Giver” different than the old “Simply Giving”?

Both systems are third-party payment systems that securely accept online payments, process them, and pass the funds on to RLC. Simply Giving was a system with the Thrivent label on it (with a trademarked name that we can no longer use). The new system is integrated with the RLC web site, so it is much easier and more convenient for people to enroll, change their giving amount at any time, see their giving history, and print tax receipts.

 someone is enrolled in Simply Giving, they are already considered a Sustainer, and will receive information about transferring their gifts to our new online giving processor. 

Are there other ways to give and Become a Sustainer?

We are promoting online giving through the RLC Web site for 3 reasons:

1. Online giving encourages consistent, scheduled giving week after week or month after month, regardless of attendance at worship, whether you remember your checkbook, etc. For many, it also encourages an attitude of “first fruits” giving from your abundance vs. giving what is “left over."

2. Online giving allows RLC accounting staff to more accurately predict future giving levels. With stable giving levels, we can focus on ministry not fundraising.

3. Online giving transactions require the least work for RLC accounting staff to process, resulting in efficient use of RLC staff dollars.

Another way to get benefit #1 is to use an automatic bill pay service offered by most banks. This will allow you to set up recurring monthly withdrawals from your account that are automatically sent to RLC as a paper check. If this works for you, great!

For me, putting my offering in the plate each week is a physical, tangible act of worship that I would miss with online giving.

There are brightly colored cards available from the ushers as well as on a table as you enter the worship center that indicate that you are a sustaining giver. You can take a card, and place it in the offering plate as it passes. 

Thank you