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Ancient Words

August 30, 2015 – Pastor Sara Spohr

I remember sitting in my dorm room in college having a conversation with my friends. This was before everyone had a cell phone and we had to go to the library to the computer lab when we wanted to type a paper. I was telling my friends about a strange phone…Click Here to Read More and Listen

A Word to the Wanderer

August 23, 2015 – Pastor Steve Molin

So a young woman joins a convent where the sisters are allowed to say just two words every ten years. After the first ten years, she is invited in to the office of the Mother Superior to say her two words. “Bed hard,” she says, and she walks out. Ten years later…Click Here to Read More and Listen

Salt and Light

August 16, 2015 – Pastor Steve Molin

Tuesday is “Corn Day.” Our friends John and Phyllis live near Little Falls, and every August, when the time is right, Phyllis drives to the family farm and her brother loads up 50 dozen ears of corn in her van. Then Marsha and I join them and we shuck, boil, cut the…Click Here to Read More and Listen

Who’s Hungry?

August 9, 2015 – Pastor Sara Spohr

My uncle Eddie from California is visiting this week. As long as I’ve been alive he’s lived far away, so when he visits it is a big deal. There are lots of big family picnics, there are visits with all of the cousins and old classmates. And there is a lot of food…Click Here to Read More and Listen