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Reluctant Forgiveness

September 14, 2014 – Pastor Steve Molin

The story of Joseph is a story that includes theft, jealousy, slave-trading, attempted murder, government corruption, adultery, dysfunctional family and international calamity. It goes on for 14 chapters in the book of Genesis, approximately 420 verses. And because…Click Here to Read More and Listen

Love, Serve, Go!

September 7, 2014 – Pastor Sara Spohr

We have been preparing and waiting for this day for some time now. Don’t worry, no one has been wishing the summer away, but knowing that fall is coming and all of our programs are starting up again, we’ve been thinking about how we as a church can make an impact…Click Here to Read More and Listen

A Costly Commitment

August 31, 2014 – Pastor Kristin Kurzejeski

In last week’s Gospel, Jesus asked his disciples, “What are people saying about me? Who do they say that I am – and who do you say that I am?” And Peter answered, “You are the Messiah – that’s who you are.” It was the right answer. But it’s kind of like those times…Click Here to Read More and Listen

Keys, Passwords, and Privilege

August 24, 2014 – Pastor Steve Molin

If you have ever watched a small child at Christmas – and who hasn’t? – the event sort of overwhelms them, don’t you think? The first gift makes them squeal with delight, the second gift brings more joy, and the third present seems to push them over the edge. They’re…Click Here to Read More and Listen