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40 Days of Community



 “Studying God’s word together always impacts our lives in powerful ways. The Bible says we were formed for fellowship and obviously we can’t fellowship by ourselves. It takes at least two people. At the same time, you can’t fellowship with a crowd either.  True Fellowship happens in a small group of people. That’s why Jesus had a small group of 12 disciples! He modeled fellowship. Community doesn’t just happen automatically and joining a church doesn’t guarantee fellowship. Fellowship is something we must learn to do, it must be intentionally cultivated.”

– Rick Warren

Online Small Groups
Start September 13

Join us as we worship together and continue small group online gatherings this fall centered around this theme of “Community." This has been a trying time with the Covid 19 pandemic. This has stretched us in ways we never could imagine, this has isolated us in ways we never would have dreamed possible. We were created to live in community. We were created to Reach, Belong, Grow, Serve and Worship together. Join us as we explore and unfold God’s word for our lives in today’s world as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Join for the first time, or continue!

If you were a part of small groups this summer, you will have a chance to sign up again for your small group or join a new one. For those who are new to small groups at RLC this is your chance to join one!

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CLICK HERE if you are interested in being a part of a small group.

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