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Educational Opportunities for Kids



Welcome to Cornerstone! Our Sunday morning ministry for kids ages 2-4th grade meets at 10:00 each week, beginning Sept 8th and you are welcome to join the fun anytime! Online registration is required and will be available August 1st.  For more information about Cornerstone, please contact Julie Hanson, Director of Children’s Ministry at .  

Click here to Register for Cornerstone.

All Cornerstone participants must check in each Sunday!

Beginning Sept 8th when we kick off Cornerstone for this new school year all participants and volunteers need to check in using our automated check in/out system in the Lobby. Your child’s safety is our top priority!  Each student and volunteer will get a nametag and each parent will receive a Child Pick Up Receipt. This receipt must be presented to your child’s Cornerstone shepherd when picking up your child during Cornerstone.

Cornerstone begins with YOU!

Cornerstone offers many opportunities to get to know others through serving and sharing your time. Our ministry for kids and their families couldn’t exist without many helping hands!  Here are just some of the ways you can be a part of Cornerstone:

  • Small Group Shepherd - Co-lead with another adult or youth a small group of kids. Team teaching offers flexibility in your schedule and kids get to know both of you! We especially need adults to help with our Preschool and Kindergarten age groups. Cornerstone Shepherd training will be Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7:00 pm.

  • Tech / Admin Team- Welcome families to Cornerstone and also learn our new Check In/ Check Out system to help parents and guardians learn this new system!  This commitment is just once or twice each month.

  • Supply Team- helps prepare the supplies used in Cornerstone for future weeks’ lessons during the Cornerstone hour on Sunday morning.  Help needed one or two Sundays each month, or during the week if that is easier.

  • Prayer Partners- Pray with the Cornerstone Shepherds before Cornerstone begins at 9:50 on Sunday morning.  If you can’t pray with our Shepherds in person, please pray for them where you are!

  • Large Group Team- Share only 20 minutes of your time on a Sunday morning to change the way kids see the Bible!  Puppet plays, active storytelling, skits, and music… if you love any of these, this is the team for you!

  • Toy Team- help to organize and wash the toys in our 2 year old Room (Room 66).  This commitment is once each month.

Share a little of your time to make a BIG difference in the lives of the kids at RLC! Contact Julie Hanson today for more details and be helping hands in Children’s Ministry at RLC! Phone: 651-487-7752 or email

Little Lambs - 2 Year olds and Parents Together!

We offer an Intro to Cornerstone for our 2 year olds. Open to 2 year olds that will turn 2 by Sept 1, this class offers a more comfortable atmosphere for these little ones! In a world where family time is limited, we are asking parents to stay with their 2 year old during the Cornerstone hour to learn side by side. After Large Group Opening together, 2 year olds and their parents will go to their small group room and tell the Bible story again in a creative way. After this, kids will be offered a craft to do with your high school helpers, or can play while the parents use the rest of the hour to discuss various topics and items of interest together in the same room. It is our goal to make the Little Lambs fun, friendly and an easy transition for these little ones. If you have a younger sibling that needs to be a part of our time together, they are welcome! Registration is limited to 12 families due to space restrictions, so register today!

After this year side by side, kids can then transition to our 3 year old Cornerstone where the kids meet with their Shepherds in small groups after Large Group Opening.

Cornerstone for Preschoolers!

Our format for preschoolers on Sunday is fun and inviting! Parents join their preschooler at 10:00 for Opening Large Group time in Room 45A for Music, Movement and the Message for the day. Prior to arrival for Large Group Opening, parents check their child in using our Check In stations in the Lobby.  When Large Group fun is over, your child's Cornerstone Shepherd will take their small group to their space to reinforce the message they just heard. 

When Cornerstone is over at 10:55 parents/guardians will go to the preschool room their small group is meeting and present their Child Pick Up Receipt to the leaders and pick up their child.

Joining your child in our Large Group Opening will help you learn the songs your child is learning and what the lesson of the day is. Parents will then be able to ask more intentional questions about what they learned in Cornerstone. You then have the information to reinforce what they learned in Cornerstone when you are in the car, or during lunch or before bedtime. It is our way of equipping you with the faith conversations we are introducing to your little ones

Cornerstone for Elementary Kids!

Kindergarten through 4th graders will meet with their Shepherds in their small group spaces to start the hour. Kindergarten-2nd grades meet in the Activity Center, 3rd and 4th grades meet in Ark Alley (classrooms on lower level below the preschool).  At 10:15 kids and their Shepherds gather in the Activity Center for their Large Group time together. Get ready to praise God and move during our Elementary Large Group time together, learning the message for the day. Parents are welcome to join us in Large Group each Sunday. If you need help on Sunday morning finding your child’s small group or have questions, please stop at our Children, Youth and Family desk in the lobby and ask one of our friendly volunteers.

Offering - Giving Back to God for his Blessings to Us!

Giving back to God for the abundance He gives us is why we collect offering each week! If you attend Worship with your child, please have them bring their offering up to the front and put it in the basket by the altar. If they are nervous to walk up by themselves, please take their hand and walk up front with them. Having kids come up front in worship is so powerful for everyone, and makes a big impact. The act of putting offering in a basket at the altar and sharing what we have is something that kids learn from watching others. It is fun for them, and teaches them to share what they have to help others. No need for envelopes when giving up front in worship. 

For those that come to Cornerstone and don't attend Worship with you, make your child's offering an important part of coming to Cornerstone. This is where your young ones learn the importance of giving to others. Giving an offering is our way of saying thank you to God for all we have and sharing what we have with others. 

We will be giving each of the kids a small packet of offering envelopes to use. There will be a basket in the Large Group Opening for preschoolers and elementary kids that they can put their offering in each week if they will not be attending Worship with you. They don't have to use an envelope to give offering, but if it helps them remember, or make it special, please use the envelope. We have more envelopes when you run out. It is not the amount of offering that is important, but rather the practice of giving that we want to instill in the kids. Please help your child learn this practice. Make giving to others a habit that will last a lifetime!

Serve Sundays

There will be Serve Sundays 3 times this year for all kids and their parents together in the Activity Center. These special days will have a mission focus, to infuse mission and serving into our curriculum. Our first Serve Sunday is October 6 when we pack care packages to send to recent RLC graduates. Preschool families as well as others are welcome to attend these special events! It is fun to serve side by side with other families and church members! These service opportunities are our Cornerstone time together. All are invited and encouraged to attend!