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Call Committee

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Below is more information about the committee, its scope, purposes, timeline, etc.


Roseville Lutheran Church
Call Committee Charter 2021

Purpose: To identify, interview and propose a candidate for call as Associate Pastor

The Call Committee represents RLC to prospective candidates, who are themselves interviewing RLC through the Call Committee. The process is 3-way: RLC, the candidate and the St. Paul Area Synod. The synod represents the ELCA in the process and has vested interest in securing the best possible candidate for RLC. 

Reports to:

Roseville Lutheran Church Congregation

Time Commitment:

September - December 2021 (estimated)
1-1/2 hours in weekly or bi-weekly meetings (a combination of zoom and in-person). 

Committee Composition: 
  • Seven voting members appointed by council, one of which is a member of the Congregational Council
  • Two to three alternates to assist with the process, and to become a voting member should someone need to drop out
  • The senior pastor who shall be ex officio
Member Qualification:
  • A broad knowledge of RLC
  • Team player, ability to form a strong interview team
  • Represent RLC in the best possible way to inquiring candidates
  • Willingness to commit the time to see the process through
  • Work well with the Bishop and her staff 

Updated Tasks and Timeline:

September 2021
  • Call Committee is approved at September council meeting (September 15)
  • Call Committee meets with Bishop Lull for orientation to the Call Process Manual
  • Set a timeline and plan of the committee’s work
  • Train to become a well-functioning, informed team
October 2021
  • Complete the Ministry Site Profile and become familiar with it for interviews
  • Plan the interview process and schedule
  • Develop interview questions 
  • Receive and read profiles of candidates recommended by the synod
  • Determine which candidates to interview
November 2021
  • Initial interviews over zoom
  • Visit candidate churches to observe them functioning in their setting (if possible); and/or observe them on live-stream or pre-recorded services
  • Conduct second or third interviews (preferably in person) to finalize selection of one candidate to present
December 2021
  • With the council, plan the congregation meeting at which to call the final candidate
  • Represent the final candidate to the RLC congregation  (possibly in January 2022)

Other tasks:

  • Regularly inform the congregation and council of the committee’s progress
  • Assist the called pastor in making the best beginning in this congregation
  • Support the called pastor in their initial year at RLC 

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