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Call Committee

Read our completed Ministry Site Profile (as of Oct. 27, 2021)


Frequently Asked Questions by the Congregation (Nov. 7)

  • Where can I find the Ministry Site Profile (MSP)? 

The MSP is available on the RLC call committee web page.  The MSP will also be posted on the ELCA website.  

  • How many people responded to the ministry site task force team survey that informed the top priorities outlined in the MSP? 

We received over 250 survey responses across a range of ages. The task force reviewed free form comments across the spectrum - from how we like who we are now & wish to stay that way to we look forward to acting more deeply on justice and inclusion.

  • Is pastoral ministry a key priority for the Associate Pastor role? 

Yes, this is one of the top 3 priorities and is included within the MSP.  This individual will play an important role in teaming with our existing pastoral team.

  • Will the Associate Pastor role focus on ministry to all members?  

While the top priorities of the Associate Pastor role includes focused attention to justice, inclusion, children, youth & family, this individual will serve all members of RLC as part of the pastoral team.

  • Who will be considered for the RLC Associate Pastor position?  

Bishop Lull & the synod staff will include those individuals who are actively seeking a call, individuals staff think may be a good fit & open to a new call as well as nominations from RLC members. Candidates from a variety of locations will be considered.  Bishop Lull and her team are driven to bring forward individuals who have the gifts which are needed in this pivotal time for RLC.  

  • How do I submit a prospective associate pastor candidate for consideration?  

Please lift up any prospective candidates to Mary Peterson or Linda Eldred by November 21st.

  • How many candidates will be brought forward to the RLC call committee for consideration?  

In consultation with the synod call team, Bishop Lull will provide 3-5 candidate profiles.  The call committee will extend an interview invitation to all candidates brought forward.

Call Committee

The RLC Associate Pastor Call Committee has been formed. Thank you to all who expressed interest or suggested names of those who might help with this important task of the congregation. This past month, RLC’s Church Council unanimously approved these members to serve on the Associate Pastor Call Committee:

James Boyce

Nancy Brown

Linda Eldred (co-chair) Click to email Linda.

Jenna Giles

Addie Hansen

Kevin Miller

Mary Peterson (co-chair) Click to email Mary.

Jen Souvignier


Pastor Lauren Wrightsman (ex-officio)

Please pray for the call committee as they begin this exciting and important process. We will be working closely with Bishop Patricia Lull of the St. Paul Area Synod. Look for more information coming soon!

Roseville Lutheran Church
Call Committee Charter 2021

Purpose: To identify, interview and propose a candidate for call as Associate Pastor

The Call Committee represents RLC to prospective candidates, who are themselves interviewing RLC through the Call Committee. The process is 3-way: RLC, the candidate and the St. Paul Area Synod. The synod represents the ELCA in the process and has vested interest in securing the best possible candidate for RLC. 

Reports to:

Roseville Lutheran Church Congregation

Time Commitment:

October 2021 - February 2022 (estimated)
1-1/2 hours in weekly or bi-weekly meetings (a combination of zoom and in-person). 

Committee Composition: 
  • Seven voting members appointed by council, one of which is a member of the Congregational Council
  • Two to three alternates to assist with the process, and to become a voting member should someone need to drop out
  • The senior pastor who shall be ex officio
Member Qualification:
  • A broad knowledge of RLC
  • Team player, ability to form a strong interview team
  • Represent RLC in the best possible way to inquiring candidates
  • Willingness to commit the time to see the process through
  • Work well with the Bishop and her staff 

Updated Tasks and Timeline:

September 2021
  • Call Committee (CC) is approved by church council meeting
October 2021
November 2021

  • Present MSP to congregation (November 7 at 11:30 am)
  • Seek potential candidate names from RLC members 
  • Receive candidate names from St. Paul Area Synod 
December 2021
  • 1st round of interviews 
  • (Note: Call Committee members are not able to share any information about candidates)
January 2022
  • Second interviews with candidates 
  • CC discernment & identification of RLC Associate Pastor candidate
  • Present final candidate to Church council
February 2022
  • Special Congregational meeting to call candidate

Other tasks:

  • Regularly inform the congregation and council of the committee’s progress
  • Assist the called pastor in making the best beginning in this congregation
  • Support the called pastor in their initial year at RLC