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Pastoral Transition


On Sunday, January 28, 2024, Pastor Lauren J. Wrightsman informed the congregation of Roseville Lutheran that she was accepting another call (read her letter here) and that her last Sunday as Pastor at RLC will be March 3, 2024. The RLC Executive Committee also communicated with the congregation (read their letter here) and both of these letters were mailed to the congregation on Monday, January 29. This page is a place for more information to be shared in the coming weeks and months. The RLC Executive Committee, our other Pastors and the St. Paul Area Synod Bishop are working together on the coming transition, interim lead pastor possibilities, and the future call committee process.

More information and communications to come.

You may send comments and inquiries to .

Farewell Appreciation Gift

As a way to show appreciation to Lauren for over eight years of providing steadfast leadership, guidance, and spiritual care to our congregation, Roseville Lutheran will be presenting her with a farewell gift. If you are interested in contributing to this farewell appreciation gift, you may do so in one of the following methods:

  1. Click here to give online.
  2. Put in an offering basket during worship services. 
  3. Drop off in the church office during normal office hours.

For all contributions made for this gift, please indicate "Lauren Farewell Gift." If you have any questions, please send email to   or call the church office at 651-487-7752.

Farewell Greeting Card

Members are encouraged to leave a message for Lauren in the online group Farewell Greeting Card. Click here to add your personal note! Lauren will receive the e-card on Sunday, March 3rd so be sure to sign by Saturday, March 2nd. There will also be a card basket at the Farewell and Godspeed Reception on Sunday March 3rd following the One Worship service.  Cards can also be dropped off at the church office during normal office hours. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) during a time of Pastoral Transition 

1) What are our next steps? 

The Executive Council is in communication with Bishop Patricia Lull, St. Paul Area Synod (SPAS). Bishop Lull will be our contact person throughout this transition and interim period. While timetables for each of the following steps are fluid, we anticipate the following to take place: 

Interim Senior Pastor 

An Interim Senior Pastor will be appointed by the church council in consultation with the St. Paul Area Synod. This time of interim may be 6 months - 1 year in length. The Interim Senior Pastor will work alongside the staff, lay leadership, and members during this time of transition. A job description is in preparation for the interim.

Why an interim?

Click here to read Interim Pastors in the ELCA

Transition Task Force 

The Transition Task Force will be designated by the church council and will be tasked with preparing the Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The MSP is an ELCA document that provides the opportunity to explain the mission and ministry of RLC to potential pastoral candidates. 

Call Committee 

Following the work of the Transition Task Force, a Senior Pastor Call Committee will be appointed by the church council and will interview pastoral candidates. Names will be provided by the SPAS. Congregational members will also be invited to provide names of potential candidates. 

Transition and Call Information from the Saint Paul Synod

Call Process - Saint Paul Area Synod

2) Are the other Pastor’s calls coterminous? 

Coterminous pastoral calls indicate that all pastors are required to submit their resignations upon the resignation or retirement of the Senior Pastor. 

RLC’s Church Constitution does not require coterminous calls, and the congregational calls to members of our pastoral team are not coterminous. 

3) Will any of the pastors be considered for the Interim Senior Pastor position, or the called Senior Pastor position? 

In consultation with the SPAS, we have been given guidance on this issue and understand that the answer is “no.” 

4) How can someone express an interest in serving on the Transition Task Force or the Call Committee?

Please let us know by sending an email and an indication of interest to:  

5) Will the congregation have a chance to meet the candidates prior to a call decision? 

Due to the sensitive and private nature of pastoral calls, RLC will follow the prescribed practice of trusting the working of the Holy Spirit and the Call Committee in bringing a name forward to RLC’s Church Council. The church council will then vote to approve the candidate. The candidate's name will become known to the congregation at a called congregational meeting and will bring their name forward at that time. It is the congregation who votes to extend a Letter of Call to a pastoral candidate. 

6) How can I help? 
  • If interested in serving on the call committee, send a message to the transition email address above. How about the transition Team? 
  • During this time of transition, the usual church business must go on. Please look for volunteer opportunities and join in where you can. Especially consider:
    • Faithful Hospitality which will need lots of volunteers in February and March.
    • pRAISE RLC annual appeal (April 28 - May 2) will be very important this year. Consider your financial support and watch announcements for volunteer opportunities. 
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