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Purpose, Gifts, Mission

Congregational Survey May 13-27

We want to hear from you! Respond Here May 13-27.

Soon quarantine will end and RLC will resume in-person worship and programs! Then what? This year has been more than isolation. So much has happened on the national scene, the local scene and even within RLC itself.

Your church leadership wants to hear from you before moving into assumptions for church activities, programs and direction. Click here until May 27 to take this brief survey that asks for your thoughts on topics that will shape RLC’s direction for years to come. 

Your response to the survey is critical in letting church leaders know your thoughts for the direction of RLC. Please participate in the short survey when the time comes and have a say in RLC’s future.

Stepping into RLC’s Future

Roseville Lutheran Church is on an ambitious journey during unprecedented times. While many churches, businesses and community efforts are floundering, RLC is organizing to emerge strong. 

Along with on-going ministries such as worship, education, care and service, this congregation has also taken initiative on

  • intentionally recognizing and welcoming LGBTQ+
  • discerning the church’s role in overcoming systemic racial injustice
  • supporting young adult religious experience
  • promoting a lifestyle of generosity.

All this while navigating quarantine challenges and uncertainty of returning to in-person church events. 

The Work Begins on our Ministry Site Profile

What is the purpose of Roseville Lutheran Church, our reason for being a church, what are the particular gifts this congregation brings to the world, and what opportunities is God holding out for us in this time, are some of the questions we will be exploring in the next few months. The Ministry Site Profile is a document describing this congregation that is used for calling the next Associate Pastor. More importantly, it serves to clarify and focus the ministry of this church as we engage on ambitious initiatives. 

Purpose, Gifts, Mission

Christmas is about God joining our humanity in saving us from destructive sin. Epiphany, the season following Christmas, is learning what God among us means. This Epiphany season, January-February, the people of RLC are invited to conversation about “Stepping into RLC’s Future” as we attempt to follow where God is leading this church. 

Along with Sunday worship exploring RLC’s core values and how we vow to “follow Jesus’ example,” there will be three congregation-wide meetings on RLC’s purpose, giftedness and mission. The meetings are foundational for imagining RLC’s future and informing the Ministry Site Profile. The meeting topics will be:


How does Roseville Lutheran Church understand its reason for being in the light of God's call to service? Who are we? Why are we here?
  • What is God calling us to do?
  • For whom do we do it?
  • What do they get from us?
  • How might they be changed from this experience?


What are our gifts and resources for fulfilling this purpose? Who are our community partners? 
  • What are the congregation’s material assets?
  • What are the major demographics of the members, such as job types, interests, volunteering.
  • What are some unique gifts or skills of members?
  • What rouses curiosity in members?
  • What benefit do non-members see in this congregation?


In light of our purpose, gifts and opportunities, what are the top priorities which hold the most promise?
  • What opportunities does God hold before us for using our gifts and resources?
  • What is needed from ministry partners to engage those opportunities? (business, government, agencies, churches)
  • What is the missional time-frame for the opportunities?
  • What are the immediate opportunities or issues we need to engage?