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A Family's Story: Finding faith, acceptance at RLC

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More than seven years ago, my family and I were a little lost. Newly divorced and a difference of beliefs with my church at the time left us searching. The list to fill for a house of worship wasn’t long:

• Midpoint between my three daughters’ Saint Paul and Blaine homes.
• A strong children’s ministry program, where they could grow and thrive.
• A belief of acceptance for non-traditional families and all that can mean.

The search took us to several churches over the span of a year or so. Then, as often happens, He sent me a suggestion through a colleague. She had spent many hours in the north end pews, in the balcony overlooking the band and invited us to share “her” seats.

The girls had been through the drill before, looking for a place to worship and grow. A steady home, of sorts. One that would accept them … and me … as if we had been there for years. Very quickly, it was evident we had found our oasis.

The upbeat band. The acceptance of sporadic attendance at Cornerstone. My colleague’s seats, which quickly became our own view of story times, baptisms and memorable messages. And most of all, the Roseville Lutheran Church family.

It’s been seven years and the girls have various memories of what was important to them when we first found Roseville Lutheran Church and its family.

“The teachers were really nice.”
“I was scared at first, so I brought my blanket and no one made fun of me.”
“We got play doh!”

These things may seem inconsequential, but to three young girls and to their dad, they were the building blocks of our home.