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God's Gifts Our Gratitude - Marilyn & John Shardlow

Posted by Rick Abbott on

From RLC Senior Pastor Lauren Wrightsman:

Roseville Lutheran Church is a pretty amazing place! I have been your Senior Pastor for just over ten months and I marvel at how this church engages in children’s, youth and family ministry, mission and outreach and community service. Our weekend worship brings us together as a community of faith to worship and praise our generous God.

But we know that this is just a limited picture of the life and ministry of Roseville Lutheran Church! There are plentiful opportunities for us to grow in spirit and service together - and growth is a key word when it comes to understanding our relationship with God.

Jesus affirms that God loves us and we are challenged by Christ himself to live in response to that love by loving and serving others. We are growing together in our gratitude so that all those we minister to and with can experience Christ’s words of forgiveness and love.

We can’t grow in mission and ministry without you.

In worship this weekend we will be lifting up our gifts of stewardship as a community of faith. We ask you to prayerfully consider what your gifts for 2017 will be to Roseville Lutheran Church and celebrate with us.

Why do your gifts matter?

1) Roseville Lutheran is a non-profit and dependent on your financial support to carry out the ministry and day-to-day operations of our community.

2) To plan our ministry programs, staffing, mission and outreach, we need to know what these gifts will be so that we can be fiscally faithful to our calling and those we serve.

Please support the Annual Fund by submitting your Intent to Give card

You may feel that your gift doesn’t have an impact, but it does. Starting and/or increasing a gift of $2.00 a week as an individual or $10 as a family makes a difference! When multiplied by our friends, members and families these combined pledges impact our community and the people we serve.

You may wish to consider switching to online giving. This is one of the best ways to stabilize our annual fund and improve the effectiveness of how we steward your gifts.

Roseville Lutheran Church is already making a difference in the lives of members, friends and the community.

Please join us this weekend for our Gratitude Celebration at worship services October 15th and 16th as we celebrate God’s gifts in our lives, your generosity and the mission of RLC!

See you in church!
Pastor Lauren J. Wrightsman

Our response to God's gifts is giving of our time, talents and resources. Roseville Lutheran Church presents a video series on stewardship and what it means to our members.

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