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Stories of RLC: Leaving a Legacy at Roseville Lutheran

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Long-time RLC members Roy and Blythe were devoted to the church in many ways. In fact, Roy was president of the congregation during the time when the decision was made to expand the RLC campus. His bold and courageous leadership helped move a challenging process forward, for the benefit of all who worship in this place today.

Even though Roy and Blythe are gone now, they are still faithfully serving and providing for the church. As part of their estate plan, the Thompsons left a sizable gift to Roseville Lutheran upon Roy’s death. It was that legacy gift, that helped us make needed repairs to our roofs this past year and allow us to continue to provide wonderful facilities for our ministries and broader community needs. It is fitting that their gift helped strengthen the very sanctuary that Roy helped make a reality those many years ago. Their generosity, particularly from their legacy gift, will continue to serve the congregation by literally “keeping a roof over our heads” for generations to come. That’s the legacy they left to RLC.

Even a modest estate can create an incredible legacy for both your heirs and future generations at RLC. These gifts can be set up to be transferred after your death, while at the same time, giving you the ability to preserve and protect your assets for your use and enjoyment while you are still living. And all of this can be done in a way that supports and expands your belief system and values. You can be a good steward, not only today, but also when it comes time to transfer these gifts after death. You have the ability to make a significant difference...both during your lifetime and long after you’re gone.

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