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Stories of RLC: The Nativity - Who's Who

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December 2 - The Nativity:  A Who’s Who


She is a young girl, maybe 13 years old.  Mary was born in Nazareth a small town of 400 people, simple people, faithful not flashy.   She is best described as obedient, devoted, and courageous.

Best friend:  Elizabeth (her cousin)

Engaged to:  Joseph (of Bethlehem)

Mary secretly wondered:  How many daughters of priests and judges, and uppidy ups were asked to birth The Messiah before her.

Her friends all knew:  Mary was always God’s first choice.

Mary’s favorite song:   “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”  (Luke 1:46-47)

Mary was voted:  Most likely to give birth to a savior

Mary’s latest Facebook status update:  “As you wish.”


We don’t know how old Joseph is.  Catholics say he was old, maybe 90, a widower (some think Mary could not have had any other children.)  Protestants say that he was probably just a little bit older than Mary, maybe 20 or 25.

Joseph’s Hometown:  Bethlehem, closer to the big city of Jerusalem and just under the shadow of the Herodium, a castle on a Mountain that Herod built to honor himself.

Engaged to: Mary (of Nazareth) though he had probably never met her before the engagement.

Skills:  Carpentry

Joseph’s favorite song:  “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters

Joseph was voted:  Most understanding and willing to change his mind

Joseph’s latest Facebook status update:  “Thanks for the baby gifts, we’re heading for Egypt, don’t tell Herod.”

Where are they now?

Mary and Joseph, an unlikely pair, called to take on an unbelievable task - raise the savior of the world.  She is still obedient and faithful, he is forever humble and an ever-loving father. They’ve given all followers of their Jesus a beautiful and perfect of example of courage and faith.