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Thanks Be to the Lord

Posted by Sara Spohr on

This week is Thanksgiving. Like you, I can’t help but spend some time reflecting on the last year. In my life and in so many of your lives, 2019 has been full of ups and downs. In my best moments I can give thanks to God for being my strength in the hard times and my joy in the good times. On my worst days, I desperately try to remember how much I have to be thankful for, and more importantly I pray for continued strength. As you reflect, remember, and gather with family this week, I offer to you this prayer:

For those who have watched over me, 
for those that have protected me, 
for those that have shielded me, 
thanks be to the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. 

For the roof that shades me from the sun, 
for the walls that shield me from the storm, 
for the bed that warms me in the night, 
thanks be to the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. 

To the one who keeps me from evil, 
to the one who preserves my life, 
to the one who watches over my coming and going, 
thanks be to the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

Join us on Wednesday night at 7 pm for a worship service and a holy meal. You will be blessed as you hear Roseville Lutheran members Val Velde and Paula Olander reflect on God’s presence with them in the ups and downs of life. You won’t want to miss these personal stories about God at work among us! Also, pie. We’ll eat pie together after the worship service.


– Pastor Sara Spohr