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THE Michael Jordan

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I remember when I first heard your name. I laughed. Obviously with that famous name I didn’t immediately think of a white youth director from the Iron Range who studied Physics. So I laughed, because surely this Michael Jordan wouldn’t be anything like the Michael Jordan. Turns out I was wrong.

Hard work. The Michael Jordan doesn’t get to where he is without hard work. It’s the same with you, you work as hard as anyone I know. You’re dedicated, thorough, and you finish the work you take on with excellence.  I don’t know how many times I have invited you to take a day off, I will continue to remind you to make time in the midst of your hard work for rest. Your work ethic is impressive.

The Michael Jordan was a talented, multi sport athlete, and now a business owner. Youth Director Michael Jordan possesses a plethora of talents as well. He knows how to organize an event, work the budget, recruit volunteers, and share the faith. He can master a database or a registration form, but he can also plan a campfire, drive a bus load of kids, prepare an inspiring devotion and deliver a heartfelt sermon.

The Michael Jordan was a shooting guard, his main responsibility was to score points for the team. You are scoring points left and right for our team. You are a team player, you are considerate and kind, these are just layups for you! You think carefully about the work we do together as Roseville Lutheran Church and you contribute in ways that are beneficial to the whole, goal shots all day long with you. You took a huge group of kids to Slovakia (twice!) and they had an amazing, life changing experience, that was a three pointer Michael Jordan! You are a consistent scorer in every way!

Passion. You don’t become the greatest basketball player of all time without passion. You also can’t do great ministry work without passion. You, Michael, are filled with it. You’re authentic about who you are and who God is in your life. You deeply want to share that life of faith with youth and their families. You are a person of deep integrity when it comes to work, friendships and responsibility. This is passion. It is also a gift of God we in the church call faith. I am grateful to be a witness to your faith.

Congratulations on this milestone in your ministry, you will be deeply missed at Roseville Lutheran. You should know that the team at Roseville Lutheran is so very proud of and thankful for you. You’ve got our support and our prayers as you continue to share your faith, and grow as a leader yourself. We can’t wait to see where God is calling you next.

I know I laughed the first time I heard your name. But now, when I hear your name, I do not think about the NBA. I think - I know him. He’s awesome and I couldn’t be more delighted to call The Michael Jordan a teammate and friend.

– Pastor Sara Spohr